we didn’t see his dead body we only saw him convulsing ergo he is not 100% confirmed dead

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Anonymous said: Do you accept au's?

orphanbeige is Strictly Canon Only, as you can see

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time to go and legally adopt a baby

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Anonymous said: hey what font that you used for your post?

good ol’ Comic Sans MS

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Anonymous said: who even runs this blog

[takes off batman mask] this loser

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sarah ain’t the brightest clone in the club

i am a civilian in a church. i have come here to worship. i do not know this random man. why are there files of genetic experiments in the basement.

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there’s a line, helena, and you just crossed it

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felix is going to be so disappointed

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firstly: all the love and joy and happiness in the world to @genetically-identical who made this stunning thing. i literally cannot express how much gratitude and affection i am feeling right now because come on just look at it. we have a title sequence for orphan beige.

secondly: this feels like an appropriate time to extend that love and affection and gratefulness to everyone who supports this wildly stupid endeavour, including everyone who follows this blog and everyone who reblogs and likes and leaves comments, everyone who leaves nice messages and particularly everyone who suggests ideas!!! - and to extend that to pretty much the entir orphan black/beige fandom. you are all honestly the most lovely people and i feel so lucky and privileged to be a part of it.

well this got pretty sappy pretty fast but you get the idea so yes kisses and hugs to everyone and be assured as long as there is orphan black there will be orphan beige. 

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